From a social perspective, wellness might focus on taking your vitamins, getting enough sleep, and eating right but there is more to wellness than what is commonly thought of when hearing the word. But from Connecticut based firm Richard Turlington Architects we understand that what we see, smell, feel and experience creates the wellness that we strive to incorporate into all of our projects even during the design and construction phases.

From an architectural standpoint we help implement wellness through our designs and by selecting the interior finishes that lend to all of the facets one would need to achieve wellness in our lives including physically, emotionally, occupationally, socially, spiritually and intellectually.   Think of the way you think you would feel if your home was drafty, poorly lit and had poor air circulation.  The daily influence on your mood would most likely be negative without you even realizing why you are so grumpy.  Details of your environments that have an insidious effect aren't screaming out telling that they are a factor in your mood.  But, they are. 

 The basic tenets of wellness in the context of design unique to Richard Turlington Architects are

1.    Design directly and profoundly effects mood

2.    Spaces in which one spends time will influence behavior

3.    Living well means being happy


Richard Turlington Architects practices these principals in all that we do.  Well before the term "wellness" became an international catch phrase for business models and marketing that has permeated Western society we were designing with wellness through our holistic design approach ensuring that everything that is built and applied will effect you positively.

Relative to Western medicine, insurance companies and health care organizations starting preemptive attempts to alter our nation's diets and exercise regimes which have had a positive influence on our general wellness at a topical level.  And, the concept of faith has expanded to include/reinforce the path of oneself. Richard Turlington Architects will help you combine these efforts so that your path to attain internal wellness is matched in the place you re-charge.  From an architectural perspective, Richard Turlington Architects firmly believes in designing with the basic tenets of wellness as a integral part of everything we do.  We focus on heightening the senses and breaking down barriers that signify fear of the unknown.  For instance, the simple removal of the nurses' stations on a typical hospital ward shifts the entire focus of health delivery by making the staff fully approachable (and accountable) to the patients they are healing.  Designing spaces that are organized to keep its occupants constantly aware of where they are in a building goes a long way to dispelling the feeling of being lost within a large building.  Creating spaces full of natural light that accommodate informal places to socialize, bridge an individual's daily work effort and the formal behavioral restrictions of the conference room.  Using bold colors to render rooms evokes emotion, and strengthens the "sense of place".  Introducing textures and awareness of materiality in a room introduces richness and layering of surfaces, creating spatial uniqueness that occupants respond to with a sense of propriety and belonging.  All of these basic ideas are sewn into the fabric of our tapestry because we believe with absolute certainty that good design begets happy and healthy individuals.