Richard Turlington AIA NCARB RIBA

Mr. Turlington is a registered architect in 10 states throughout the US, including all of New England, New York, Florida and others, a member of NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards)  and a member of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and the AIA (American Institute of Architects).

Richard has been a registered architect in the USA since 1989, he has been actively involved in the Connecticut chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and has held various leadership positions within the organization, including Treasurer, Vice President, and President.  

Richard has dedicated his life to his craft; understanding space, the technics of assembling materials and the personal and political dynamics involved with the collaborative effort in erecting buildings.  Richard has been recognized by his peers through numerous awards, publications and a recent PBS documentary for his work in the US.  Richard has also led several design teams across Southeast Asia garnering international acclaim.

Richard has spent the better part of this recent decade living and working in Southeast Asia as the design team leader and Construction supervisor on projects in Singapore, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Richard understands that listening and communicating to each client’s needs in a respectful, thoughtful and provocative way makes his firm, Richard Turlington Architects unique simply because we are comfortable, competent and creative in what we do.  Richard has assembled a team from across the globe which serves to enhance the overall understanding of international building methods and materials. 

Richard Turlington is happiest when he is in meetings with clients, collaborating with teams, and using his skill at free hand sketching conjuring up ideas for everyone to begin to see what could be.

Mark Hesselgrave RA LEED AP

Mark Hesselgrave received his Bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University in 1980, and his Master’s in Architecture from the Yale in 1985. During his time at Yale, he took advantage of the then co-habitation of the Art and Architecture Schools, taking a number of courses in the School of Art. Hesselgrave was also the primary Teaching Assistant for Philip Grausman’s drawing course at the School of Architecture. Mark received the Drawing Prize upon graduation from the school. Mark has taught Foundation Drawing at Purchase College, SUNY.

Mark joined the firm of Cesar Pelli & Associates in 1985. There he worked on a wide range of projects for universities and institutions across the country, including the Cleveland Clinic, UC Riverside, UCLA, Trinity College, and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton. Mark’s skill in coordinating complex technical projects led to his promotion to Senior Associate.

From 2000 to 2002 Mark worked as Senior Designer in Flad Architects’ Connecticut office. While there, he led a team in a feasibility study for City University of New York, transforming CUNY’s outdated lab building into a state-of-the-art facility of nearly one million square feet.

In 2002, Hesselgrave joined Fletcher Thompson to serve as Senior Design Leader for the Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk. Mark was responsible for all design decisions and client presentations, guiding the design from inception to construction.

Returning to Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects in 2004, Mark provided technical expertise on many projects, concentrating on solutions for exterior wall systems for projects such as the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami and the City Center Convention Center in Las Vegas. He served as Project Manager for the New Haven Coop Arts and Humanities High School, which opened to students in 2009.

A private consultant since 2009, Mark adds to all areas and in all architectural capacities, but his primary contribution is in the aesthetic and technical development of interiors and exterior wall systems. Throughout his career Mark has continued to draw, professionally for design inspiration and presentation, and for pleasure.

Nina Liu

Nina Liu received her Bachelor of Arts, History from Yale University and went on to graduate with her Masters in Architecture from Yale in 2010 4 years of professional experience.

Nina was hired and worked for Pelli Clarke Pelli architects for several years before becoming an independent consultant. Nina Liu’s primary responsibility at Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects is developing schematic design documents and preparation of construction documents.  Ms. Liu's technical knowledge of various software programs combined with her spatial sensitivity and attention to detail have made her a highly desirable asset to the firm's design teams.  She is currently focused on honing her detailing skills and construction observation.

Nina joined Richard Turlington Architects in 2011 and has proven to be a valuable asset to the team as she is highly motivated and has particular skills in that she allows her to easily become a part of any project at any stage.

Nina’s 3D modeling abilities are skilled and insightful, as is her ability to draw and design.

Notable projects include the PetroVietnam complex in Hanoi, a mixed use development in Ningbo China, a multi use tower for Vietcombank in Ho Chi Minh City, Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan CT and a new campus for Yale-NUS College.

Mark G. Tambogon

Mark Tambongon comes to Richard Turlington Architects from Santa Mesa Philipines.  Mark received his Bacheor of Science in Architecture fromt he Poytechnic University of the Philippines.

Mark speaks fluently in several differnt languages and is familiar with international building means and methods.  Mark is able to design in AutoCAD, Revit and other 3D modeling programs.

Adrianne G. Tomas

Adrianne recieved his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Institute of Technology in Manila Philipines.

Adrainne is profficient in AutoCAD, Revit and 3dsMax, he also speaks several languages fluently.  

In 2011 Adrianne joined Richard Turlington Architects and has been a wonderful addition to the team.

Casey Kan

Casey Kan graduated form the Universitly of Singapore with a degree in Architecture in 1980.

Casey has served as the Technical Director at BIM Professional Consultancy PTE LTD and continues to serve as the Principal Architect at KC Kan & Associates.

Casey has worked on projects throughout his career in the residential, industrial and mixed use development projects ranging from 2 to 100 Million USD.

Casey Kan is a memeber and is a registered architect on an international scale including serving on the Board of Directors of the Singapore Institute of Architects,  member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, member of the International Real Estate Institute and more.

Casey has recieved awards for his work on projects in throughout Asia, and has been published in many scholarly journals.

Casey joined the team at Richard Turlingotn Architects in 2011 and continues to contribute his briliant designing  and detailing methods .

Rohaizad Rahim

Rohaizad Rahim has over 20 years of experience as an architect after  graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a degree in architecuture.

Prior to joing Richard Turlington Architects Rohaizad served on the Singapore Police Force with the National Service.  Aftet which he began emplyment at KC Kan & Associates Architects where he worked for almost twenty years.

Rohaizad joined the Richard Turlingotn Architects team in 2011 brining with him skills in AutoCAD which are are exceptonal and his unique ability to envison the final product.  The ablility to wrok with US teams and Asian teams simultaneously lends a unique knowlege of building systems and local customs helping to bridge any gaps bwetween cultures.  Specifically he has a vast understanding of Singapore's authorities' requirement and guidlines.

In addition to Rohaizad 's understanding of Asian methods he also has a very strong understanding of US construction documentation and site plan designing.

Ceazar R. Daulat

Ceazar R. Daulat received his Bachelor of Scinece degree in Architecture from the Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila Philippines.

Ceazar has been a registered architect since 2008 and joined the Richard Turlington Architects team in 2011 bringing strong skills in AutoCAD, and a unique understanding of international design methods.  Ceazar is fluent in multiple languages and is brings that to his endeavors when working with us on any project.

Sam Peng Thong

Sam recieved his Bachelors in Science at the Technical Institution Ipoh Perak Malaysia and then recieved his Masters in Architecture and Building from the Institute of Technology of Jaya Malaysia in 1983

Sam speaks Mandarin, Malay and English fluently and has served as the Technical director on several noteable projects including Yale - NUS, The Singapore Cricket Club and  the Marina Coastal Expressway in Singapore.

Sams technical abilities are only second to his diplomatic way of interacting wtih any team and keeps the projects integrity paramount.

Sam joined the Richard Turlington Architect team in 2011.

Tanay Nigam

Tanay recieved his Bachelor of Science at the IIT Kharagpur in West Bengal, India and his Masters in Architecture from the National University of Singapore in Singapore.

Tanay is exceptionally profficient in a multitude of programs including Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros, Lumion, Sketchup and more.

Tanay can create designs in 4D and 5D simualtion for commercial, Hospital and residential cleints for presentation and demonstration.

Tanay's proffesionalism while leading design teams and inclusivity of all the clients, owners representatives and clients makes Tanay a valuable team member.

Tanay joined the team at Richard Turlingotn Architects in 2011.