Letters of Reference

"I firmly believe that without Mr. Turlington’s knowledge and abilities the project would never have been completed...He often calmed heated discussions and worked with all parties to come up with solutions that met all of the needs in the most cost efficient and time saving manner"
"I have known Richard for thirty years...I have had the pleasure of knowing Richard as a consummate professional architect and a close friend...Richard collaborates well with the entire team and is thoughtful and respectful in his dealings with everyone involved. An additional benefit is Richard's great hand-drawing skills that facilitate visual communication."
"He also worked hard on the field and led the way in demonstrating his expertise and innate knowledge to local contractors whenever it was required."
"This is an extremely strong recommendation of Mr. Turlington's capabilities both as an architect and a project manager. Over the past 10 years, Mr. Turlington has directly assisted Silver Hill Hospital ("Hospital") complete and total buildings and infrastructure renovation on a 44-acre campus in New Canaan, CT the cost of which to date (April 2014) approximates $35,000.000.
"Richard instantly realized that my acclimation to the team was paramount to the successful completion of the project. He took the time to guide me in the team dynamics and the big picture aspects that are often hard to see when you are playing catch-up"
"Richard maintains a steadfast customer loyalty while offering creative design and best practice techniques."
"When talking to our shared clients they rave about the results and how Richard's vision turned ordinary space into something special."
"We have a long and successful history of associations with Richard Turlington Architects... RTA has been a great firm with whom to associate. They are knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and great team players."
"Mr. Richard Turlington proved his valuable knowledge, experience and hard working."