Richard Turlington Architects Project - St. Joseph's Hospital - Master Plan

This project looked at the feasibility with managing and consolidating services at St. Joseph’s main campus and their satellite campus (Fatima Hospital). This master plan effort was done in collaboration with CDS Construction (a contractor familiar with Yale New Haven Hospital’s operations) and with RG Vanderweil MEP office from Boston. This project did not get beyond a presentation of our findings to the board, which because of our conclusions, the project scope and objectives was in direct contradiction. Basically, it was our conclusion that the satellite campus’s infrastructure was too big and inefficient to effectively sustain its current services provided to the low income and indigent community. Further, the satellite campus was plagued with hazardous materials and the main campus future expansion potential was hamstrung by lack of parking. So, while there was much opportunity for growth, it required a significant up-front investment by the Hospital, which was not a realistic goal at the time.