Richard Turlington Architects Project - Silver Hill Hospital - Pain Management

Richard Turlington Architects out of New Haven Connecticut designed Pain Management within the Martin Center Building at Silver Hill Hospital, which includes a suite of Pain Management physician's offices, exams rooms, and a group room for patient group therapy and meetings.  The healthcare design and interior design were completed in phases.  When creating the interior design for Pain patients one of the most important things for them is for us to find comfortable yet supportive furniture with layered textures that promote a positive and memorable experience while also being pleasing to the eye.  Pain Management was designed with lots of natural light and bright colors adding skylights and glass entryway doors.

 The healthcare architecture and interior design created by Richard Turlington Architects within Martin Center really does set it apart from the rest of 25,000 square feet of the building which houses a full size gymnasium and pool.  Pain management is centrally located in the Martin Center allowing Pain Management physicians to incorporate these tools for their patients care.

Pain Management treats patients with inescapable chronic pain and through our holistic design approach we implemented interior finishes that can provide a moments respite for that everyday pain.  By introducing uncommon but aesthetically pleasing and unique design finishes while keeping in mind the desired effect of comfort, we were able to create a space that many patients have been able to find success in managing their pain.  As healthcare designers this means that we have been able to enhance the quality of someone's life at that is where we find our personal success.

This tiny little celebration of space can create and lend to wellness, and we are proud and honored to be a part of that