Richard Turlington Architects Project - Silver Hill Hospital - Michael's House

Richard Turlington Architects based in New Haven renovated the modest 3,000 square foot home in 2008 into a transitional living center through tranquil healthcare and interior designs.  "Michaels House" was named after Michael Cominito a former patient who has publicly supported the efforts of the hospital and co-founded the annual Giving Hope Gala with husband Dennis Basso.

 Currently the house is under renovations again and builds off of the life safety and code improvement work that were completed in 2008 by Richard Turlington Architects.  The current healthcare and interior designs will remove the common interior walls thus creating a large open room that will include living, kitchen and dining areas. The architectural design changes will also include raising the ceilings and introducing many more skylights as well as opening the house up to the intimately landscaped backyard by way of private access.