Richard Turlington Architects Project - Silver Hill Hospital - Martin Center Offices

Silver Hill Hospital campus includes a large modern style building that provides many supplemental services to the patients and staff. This included a bowling alley and a large wood-shop. Over time, the Hospital found that these programs were being underutilized and could be replaced with new, generic offices for new and constantly changing programs.  As such, Richard Turlington Architects renovated 3,000 sf of the existing building for this new use, including the introduction of new skylights, group rooms and offices.

The new interior color palette depended on bright wall colors as the total amount of daylight was limited. The overall renovations were economical and intentionally flexible to accommodate easy change. We added an interior wheel chair lift to provide access to persons with a disability and incorporated common spaces for informal interactions between staff and patients. This simple, holistic approach was successful because the spaces are “double duty”, allowing each room to be used for more than one purpose and for longer periods of the business day. So, usable healthcare design space was redefined in this project to be more than the sum of its parts and serve a greater number of people.