Richard Turlington Architects Project - Silver Hill Hospital - Main House

Connecticut architecture firm, Richard Turlington Architects designed the flagship building of the hospital lovingly referred to as, Main House.  Not only does Main House serve as the healthcare campuses' visual icon, but it also houses many of the hospitals central campus programs including the only patient cafeteria, patient servery and dining room.  The building also houses several impatient programs including the newest addition to the building by Richard Turlington Architects, a new eating disorder unit on the second floor.

While the building was destructed in 2006 with only one exterior wall remaining Richard Turlington Architects, meticulously restored the original character adding new shed dormers to the roof area, which allowed the building to completely expand into the third floor allowing the hospital to almost double their treatment space.  In addition to a complete re-design of the entire building the grounds were also reorganized to become adjacent to the pedestrian footpath.  An exterior rear courtyard was added with teak chairs, tables and chaises.

Richard Turlington Architects simultaneously created the interior design of the building keeping with the character of the house.