Richard Turlington Architects Project - Silver Hill Hospital - Jergenson Builidng

New Haven Architecture firm, Richard Turlington Architects created the interior and commercial designs for the Silver Hill Hospital's medical office buildings that serves the clinical staff on campus as well as providing several group room/classrooms that serves the Hospital's outreach community programs.  The 5,400 sf building is a classic 1950's style structure that you'd expect Mike Brady to have designed.  It is one story and emphasizes simple lines and natural materials.  Richard Turlington Architects renovated the exterior to emphasize the original character by choosing a bold color for the wood trim and fascia which intentionally contrasts with the natural stone piers and walls.  Since the building is located on a prominent peninsula that is bracketed by 2 historic stone bridges and the Silver Mine River, we introduced exterior building lighting to highlight the strong planar lines of the façade and allow the building to step into the limelight at night.

 Richard Turlington Architects applied its unique holistic approach to the the entire interior design of the commercial building.  We simplified circulation so staff and patients would know where they are inside the building at all times.  We opened up the classrooms to take advantage of the views to the exterior landscape and adjacent Silver Mine River.  The new layout is a big improvement in efficiency without compromising usable area and also allowed us to increase the office by a third.  We introduce more natural light from overhead skylights and used warm LED lighting throughout so all the spaces no longer feel commercially flooded with fluorescent tube lights.  The interior material palette consisted of a handful of materials; cherry wood, putty colored walls, crisp white ceilings, a carpet that introduces a cross linear pattern and a natural hued porcelain tile.  The overall effect is calming and quiet environment that allows patients and staff  to communicate in an otherwise home-like setting.