Richard Turlington Architects Project - Pleasant Valley Ford

This commercial design project is a perfect example of how Richard Turlington Architects designs in a holistic manner.  Considering how to create a new automobile dealership in the rural countryside was an opportunity to design a sales space that was full of spatial movement using conventional building materials.  The site was outside of Pleasant Valley NY.


To attract customers we looked to making a building that was interesting but made of local and familiar materials while being presented in a low scale manner, not an “off the shelf” box building so often part of a standard dealership franchise.

Richard Turlington Architect’s define the linear sales space with an open spanned heavy timber glulam wood frame and timber roof planks.  We added a standing seam roof and used glass windows as infill between the wood columns.  We used fieldstone in an unconventional wall treatment that became the signboard for the dealership, not the standard plastic one every dealership uses.  And, the maintenance area was made from an inexpensive steel frame with an insulated, modern panel system.

The dealership implemented a “no stress” sales force which we reinforced by creating a warm and inviting interior environment.  The interior space highlights a relaxing sitting area with overstuffed leather chairs in front of a fieldstone fireplace.  Suspended track lighting with halogen diplay lighting, which added a twinkle to the space.

Richard Turlington designed a response to the client’s desire for a building that does not “look like every other dealership” and one that is suited to its rural context.  The solution incorporates the traditional building materials of wood, stone, and standing seam roofs.  Rather than mimic vernacular models, the design applies these traditional materials to simple, timeless, geometric forms