Richard Turlington Architects Project - Peoples United Bank - Main Branch Bank

Peoples United Bank has branches throughout New England but they needed a hallmark location to serve as their main branch bank.  They chose to locate their main bank in their building located in downtown Bridgeport as a consolidation of services effort.  The building itself is located on a prominent corner of a tall building that was originally design by Richard Meier, an internationally prominent contemporary architect, in the 1980’s specifically for Peoples United Bank.  It was his first tall building, combining white porcelain panels, Stony Creek red granite and glass blocks.  The result is an elegant collection of forms that defines the Bridgeport CT skyline.  The building is an important icon of Peoples United Bank and an integral part of Bridgeport’s city context.

Jonathan Wagner Architects retained Richard Turlington Architects to provide technical consulting for this challenging 20,000 sf two story interior renovation.  Contextually, this new bank space was designed with “movement” in mind and to capture the character of an art deco train depot or banking floor with high stepped ceilings and richly appointed finishes.  The teller stations and information support desk are designed using richly stained curved wood surfaces, custom lamps and stone stops set against a backdrop of wood paneling and stone flooring.

The detailing respects the modernity of the existing building but inserts a new interpretation of simple and clean with a pinch of “fun” added for delight.