Richard Turlington Architects Project - Oxoboxo Lofts

Richard Turlington Architects was retained by Paul Bailey Architects for technical consulting  for renovating a beautiful collection of mill buildings located along a river in Uncasville CT.  The repurposed buildings will be to accommodate new apartments for CHFA.  The exciting part of this project is working with old raw building materials as a canvas for creating a new living environment for people’s homes.  Our palette consisted of thick brick and solid block stone walls, solid wood roof and floor planking, old riveted steel trusses, exposed piping and heavy timber framing.  The new construction is modern, white and held apart from the original construction.  The relationship between the two creates a spatial dialogue of planes that amplify the character of old and new, heightening the sense of place and connection to the past.

Richard Turlington Architects used drone technology to investigate all the buildings construction which helped us get up close to places we could not see without ladders or lifts.  We developed new details that balanced old construction with new technology.  So, while we made these buildings high performing from an energy perspective, we also respected the exterior walls by leaving them exposed to view.

This design sensitivity combined with our technical skills, allowed us to contribute to the overall design intent by protecting the buildings’ homage to the past.  We used a 3D modeling software to develop the construction documents for the project.  This software was beneficial because it provides us with a spatial tool for design and documenting that are thoroughly coordinated between trades as well as helping us find clashes between trades during construction.