Richard Turlington Architects Project - Jesuit Community Residence at Fairfield University

Gray Organschi Architects retained Richard Turlington Architects to provide technical consulting for this beautifully crafted, modern expression of a spiritual home for the Jesuits on Fairfield University’s campus in Fairfield Connecticut. Alan Organschi’s love of detail and the craft of manifesting architecture made this project a reflection of holistic design principles. The technical demands for managing a wide variety of exterior wall systems was quiet high; integrating metal with wood siding, green roofs, protruding minimalistic window frames and thick stone walls. Environmentally speaking, the building placement on site place and the ever changing dew point location within the walls lent a very sensitive assessment of the perimeter details. The exterior walls use a breathable air barrier allowing the walls to breathe through the wall but water from condense within the wall and thus mitigating long term mildew problems.
Ultimately, this building, and the peacefulness is evokes, reflects the highest commitment to detail and spatial awareness as a foreground to the distant views of Long island Sound.