Richard Turlington Architects Project - Emma Willard School

Richard Turlington Architects was retained by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects to perform an existing condition survey of the Emma Willard’s buildings and grounds.  Our efforts were woven into an overall campus master plan effort.

The campus is incredibly beautiful and located on the edge of Troy NY which is a very cold place in the winter.  As such, the student body traveled from building to building via underground utility tunnels.  These underground streets create many safety and code violation that were part of life safety analysis.

There are thousands of old steel windows with lead caning and growing in disrepair.  Richard Turlington Architects did a cost analysis to restore these windows and determined it would be a more economical solution if the School hired 6 craftsman for 5 years, had them trained, and replace all the caning “in house” with their own forces.

There are existing buildings that did not have any fire protection systems but they were being used for classrooms.  Richard Turlington Architects developed several different strategies to run sprinkler piping in a concealed manner.  This was a particularly critical study as most the ceilings in these historic building were coffered and replete with plaster crown molding and filigree and the School was committed to not harming the character of their memorable rooms and corridors.

These are only a handful of examples that are mundane on the surface but are critical to an effective master plan effort.  Each future project must be aware of the holistic commitment of a School’s long term objective so as to not lose sight when mired in the day to day operations of managing a school’s infrastructure