Richard Turlington Architects Project - Boys and Girls Club of Shelton

Richard Turlington Architects was retained by Buchanan Architects to assist with the project management, program development, design, technical consulting architecture and preparation of the working drawings for this project.  The project includes the renovation of an old factory that was donated to the Boys and Girls Club along with an adjacent parcel of land.  This afforded us the ability to add a new prefabricated building to enclose a new multipurpose gymnasium.

All the finishes are abuse resistant and boldly colored, Spatially, this projected created a new 2 story connector space, created openings in the original floors of the old factory and a new café addition.

Overall, the building was designed to embrace children with memorable spaces that they can carry into their adult lives.  Working with Buchannan Architects is an enjoyable collaborative effort of like-minded designers intrigued with creating memorable spaces.