Richard Turlington Architects Project - Arlington Liqours

New Haven Connecticut firm, Richard Turlington Architects created the main commercial sales space for this 7,000sf liquor store including all of the interior design work.  The commercial space is anchored by another two-story building detailed with a modern post and beam frame.

Commercial projects are unique but their images is not always consistent with the building’s content, especially for speculative development where the program content is always changing. The result is, admittedly, often generic is nature. In order to make this 7,000 sf retail store more unique, Richard Turlington Architects designed this project for flexibility, cost efficiency in an elevated sense of place that was not tied to what was happening inside.

The architecture and interior design is composed of traditional New England style residential scale buildings all assembled in a row. While it still has all the elements required for a retail spot like a large parking lot facing the street, a covered colonnade and lots of storefront glass, Richard Turlington Architects treated the material surfaces with more care. We borrowed from classic building forms, materials and details to create a more “approachable” façade to the tenant’s customers. Additionally, we created 2 story spaces along the façade that penetrate into the retail stores, making them individually more memorable retail experiences.

Ricahard Turlingotn Architects provided full architectural services including planning and zoning approval and Interior designs services for this commercial project