Richard Turlington Architects Project - Aquarion Water Company

Aquarion Water Company retained Richard Turlington Architects to help them sell property that they no longer needed.  This involved legally dividing the site into 2 marketable parcels, developing designs for 2 new homes, preparing the requisite zoning applications and making public presentations to ensure these 2 sites could be sold as independent projects, doubling the properties value.

Richard Turlington Architects used a holistic design approach for these 2 projects, even though there are no occupants yet.  We made ourselves the occupants and created an aesthetic that has site presence, is simple in form and includes memorable interior spaces that we would like to occupy.  We developed 2 separate approaches, 1 house was located on a corner site was oriented on an east-west axis while the other house is mid-block and oriented on a north-south axis.

The corner lot house is 3,200 sf and presents a classically formal face to both streets.  The façade uses brick, expressed Doric columns, lots of painted white trim and custom slate-like gambrel roofing.  The interior organizing element formal is a 2 story volume topped by a glass filled cupola to let daylight flood the interior core space.  There is a fly through balcony at the 2nd floor that sets the master bedroom suite off on its own wing.  And, there is a outdoor terrace between the garage and house that forms a private and quaint English garden with an outdoor fireplace.

The 2nd house is a 2,500 sf, cottage style structure with lots of windows because of its orientation within the block.  The house sits on a fieldstone base with cedars shingles, painted white trim and an articulate roof form, including a series of cross gables.

The interior organizing relies on a single loaded corridor along one edge of the building that allows each room to connect to this datum line.  The large living and dining spaces on the ground floor are separated by a core of pantry and bathroom, allowing for easy communication but separate enough to provide a layer of privacy that contemporary home buyers demand in higher quality new homes. 

The combined design and planning efforts gave our Client a package they could use to get top dollar values in an affluent neighbor in Darien CT.