What sets Richard Turlington Architects apart from our peers is based in the "how" of what we do, not in the aesthetic of the product. Each project is treated as an iterative collaboration between the client, design team and the construction team.  Each project assumes programmatic uniqueness with site-specific environmental demands and is constrained by budget and schedule.  We imbue our extensive technical knowledge of the myriad of construction systems our modern buildings rely on to function properly.  We rigorously protect our clients from the unknown aspects of construction and the risks of investing in an idea.  We draw out the best services from our consultants by thoroughly coordinating the multitude of building systems and structures into the design before construction starts.

Richard Turlington Architects  balance our clients' budgetary constraints with the design parameters very seriously throughout the design process.  We are sensitive to contractors' anxieties regarding technical problems on the job site and are skilled at mitigating while maintaining the design intent.   Lastly, and most importantly, we love the physical art of building and spend a fair amount of time playing in the dirt; our hands are often dirty and calloused.  This familiarity with actual construction processes exposes us to the realistic, hands-on nature of our profession and what it takes to get a building built. The results are projects that our Clients are proud of, they have been invested in its creation and, in turn, we garner the respect of the contractors building our work.

Holistically speaking, while we work within the afore-mentioned parameters of manifesting buildings, these efforts only scratch at the surface of the intrinsic process of Richard Turlington Architect's designs.  While we have expounded on the importance of playing nicely with others, ensuring that our clients' projects are well-built, this all presupposes a foundation of considering everything of intrinsic value.  This means that we look at everything in our designs and our design process embraces ideas that touch upon things that are not immediately noticeable but collectively add up to a complete and well-considered "story".  For instance, why did we choose that wall to be that color, why did we give that coping a reentrant edge, why is that wall free of surface expression, why did we introduce expressed columns on each side of a corridor, why does this room absorb all sound and feel "quiet", why did we introduce indirect daylight into one room but flood the adjacent space with natural light that warms the stone floors…?  This consideration of everything, ranging from the mundane to fields of wonderment, are interlaced so the occupant truly feels that they embraced within memorable spaces that speak differently to each person, evoking individual emotions and perceptions that resonate far beyond the confines of 4 walls and a ceiling.